Get More Profit For Your House When You Sell 
With No Upfront Cost

Everyone knows a house in Top Condition Sells for more but...
did you know it also generates more profit for the seller?

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Get More Profit For Your House When You Sell 
With No Upfront Cost

Everyone knows a home in top shape sells for more but did you know it also generates more profit?


How does the fix up create more profit?
Everyone knows that a house in top shape will always get a higher price than other similar lower quality homes.  However, just having a higher price doesn't matter if the cost of the repairs are equal to or more than the increase in price.  Well, that's where knowing what gives you the biggest return for the money comes in.  If you focus on the combination of right upgrades and repairs, they will bring you a bigger return on investment.  Our decades of knowledge will help guide you to make the right choices based on your budget and time frame to get you the maximum profit in your pocket.
Is there any upfront cost?
There's no upfront cost whatsoever.  All repairs will be completed prior to the home being put active in the MLS and only after escrow closes will the payment will be disbursed directly from escrow to the contractors.
How is the service and materials paid for?
Once the scope of the work is determined and the appropriate documents are agreed upon, the contractor will complete all the work with no upfront cost.  After the work is completed and the house has sold, the contractor will get paid via Escrow from the proceeds of the sale. The contractor only receives what was agreed upon and all of the new increased proceeds go to you the owner.
Are the costs and fees marked up?
No not at all.  All fees and materials will be quoted with current industry standards.    In fact for comparison sake, we encourage you to get quotes from other contractors.  But don't forget to ask them if they'd be willing to do all the work up front and wait for the home to sell before they get paid. They probably won't.
We're not planning on selling, can you fix up my house?
Sorry no.  Our specific business model is to help homeowners who are planning to sell that have equity to cover the cost of the upgrades and improve their bottom line.
Do I have to list my house for sale?
Yes.  This is one of the ways to insure the contractors get paid is by listing your house with our preferred agent Anthony Nitz with EXP DRE#01230064.  But don't worry Anthony has been helping people sell homes since 1997 and only charges a 1% Listing Side Commission and a 2 1/2% Buyer Side Commission for a total of 3 1/2% total sales commissions (saving you potentially tens of thousands).  Note: This program is only for people who are serious about getting their house sold.
Why don't I just do the repairs myself?
Actually that's a great idea because it just means more money in your pocket.  That is if you have the right tools, the right know how and the time to get the job done from start to finish in a reasonable amount of time. Many of the people who use this program start out as weekend warriors searching YouTube for how to videos only to realize that unless you're a specialist, for many people it's harder than it looks.
My house isn't a fixer upper, it just needs a little freshening up...
No problem.  There really isn't any job that's too small. Even handyman type work is done regularly.
Wouldn't it be easier to sell it AS-IS?
This is a common misconception that many seller's have. Many people think that they should just sell AS-IS and let the buyer repaint the colors they want or install the flooring they want after they buy. But, most people prefer a move in ready house because they probably won't have much cash for renovations after closing. As a result by trying to sell AS-IS, you cut the buyer pool down to less than half that would consider doing their own renovations. But they're going to offer a lower price.
Will this work for Mom and Dad's House?
This program is ideal for getting the most amount of money from the house that is outdated. Maybe Mom or Dad are trying to move into a Senior Living Community. Most of the time the money comes from the sale of their home. When it's fixed up, there's more profit for them to enjoy life with.
Will this work for Probate Properties?
We love Probate Properties. In our experience almost all Probate Properties end up selling in it's current condition for pennies on the dollar because the Personal Representative does not have the financial resources to deal with a rehab.  Yet it is the obligation of the Personal Representative to get top dollar for the beneficiaries. With this program you'll be able to generate a lot more profit to distribute without all the hassle of doing it yourself.
My foundation has a big crack and my roof is caving in. Will you fix that?
There isn't much that can't be repaired however each case is assessed individually. When significant structural repairs are required we're careful asses the cost and what it's going to look like on your bottom line.  If we can't get you more profit at closing, we'll tell you so.
The house is full of junk. Will you clean it out? 
Absolutely. We'll toss all the trash, donate any usable goods and notify you if we notice anything that might be considered valuable.
Will you do landscaping / hardscaping?
Most definitely. Curb appeal may be considered one of the most important parts of any renovation.  If the potential buyer never gets out of the car to see the inside because the outside scares them off, then you're already in trouble.
Do we need to vacate the house?
It really depends on the extent of the work to be done. Often times items can be moved around and covered.
Shouldn't I just take a cash offer from an investor buyer?
Why would you when now you've just become the investor buyer on your own home (in a sense).  Investor buyers also known as Institutional Buyers, or iBuyer's will make a low ball offer at pennies on the dollar for your home. Then they'll do the work that we will do for you but they get to keep all the rewards. Keep the equity for yourself.
Do you use sub-contractors or day workers?
No all workers are employees of the contractor.
Are the workers insured?
Absolutely. The company is fully insured and bonded and maintains workman's compensation insurance.
Do you do multi-unit properties
Yes of course.
What's the catch?
Really there's no catch. All you have to do is schedule a walk through with Anthony. It will take only about 20 minutes depending on how many questions you have. He'll take some reference photos/video for the contractor to review.  Shortly you'll receive your quote and the before and after price evaluations to see how much more profit you'll get when you sell.  If it makes sense and you like what you see, you'll be provided with all the necessary documentation to review and sign.  Then your work gets scheduled.  It's that simple.

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